Started in the fall of 2020 in response to the impact COVID-19 was having on students’ academic success, The Learning Club Study Hall Program serves students living in the urban core of KCK and KCMO. It offers five tutoring sites in Kansas and one site in Missouri.

Multiple days a week, each of the sites has two-hour study hall sessions to provide support to students who are learning virtually. “We adapted our traditional after-school tutoring program into daily programming to provide students with more academic assistance and support,” explained Mikala Stacer, Volunteer Coordinator and Communications Specialist at The Learning Club. “While at The Learning Club study halls, students are provided free access to reliable internet so they can do their schoolwork and attend class virtually. Our dedicated staff members also provide academic assistance and homework help for students in need. Due to COVID we are not able to have volunteers at our sites during this time. However, we have volunteers that tutor students virtually to provide additional assistance.”

NaQari Harris, Site Director, commented upon their relationship with one of their CFK-partnered schools, Banneker Elementary: “When we first started study hall sessions at the beginning of the school year it was rather difficult figuring out the iPads and schedules. But I was able to call Principal Unger and get everything from user names, passwords, and schedules sorted out. As we progressed through the year, I was able to get in contact with teachers and talk to them about students at Learning Club and help to create plans to help our students who needed it most. The entire staff at Banneker has been extremely helpful and always so friendly. They are willing to go above and beyond for the students so that they get the best learning experience. It has been a pleasure learning new things as well as building relationships that will help our students in the best way possible.”

The Learning Club Study Halls