We Are on the Grow!

  • 382 Community Partners Engaged:
    • 163 churches
    • 99 businesses
    • 120 civic / nonprofit organizations
  • 7 Districts
  • 96 Schools

Caring For Kids About Us

It All Starts with the Right Question

The community partners ask one simple question of the principal: “How can we help you achieve your goals to equip students to reach their highest potential?”

Since 2013, the answer to this question yielded:

  • 3,752 projects to support principals’ goals
  • 5,401 volunteers
  • 41,743 students indirectly served during the past school year
  • $1,328,802 invested by partners (in-kind donations and cash contributions to schools)

Helping Students Reach Dreams

Our vision is for all children to have hope and reach their highest potential. Teachers, administrators, and the community help students plan their future as they provide academic and social structure, encouragement, and affirmation. Take a look below at how students are dreaming BIG. Consider how you and your organization can help students like these attain their dreams.

Dreaming Big

Bintou shares her dream to become a doctor and help people in the community in her “Dream Big” award-winning essay.

Read full essay.

Dream Big Art

Duab received top honors in the “Dream Big” art category for her drawing which illustrates her desire to be an art teacher. “I like to see kids enjoying their art and inspired by my art,” she said.

My Dream (2)

Tilly dreams of equality for all and expresses her intent to make a stand for equal rights in her “Dream Big” award-winning poem.

Read full poem.