Serving Together

Why Focus on Schools?

One in five children is living in poverty in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau). Impoverished children often miss meals, lack adequate clothing and shelter, and attend fewer days of school – factors impacting their health, educational achievement, and future employment potential.

These challenges, coupled with decreased funding to schools, led Caring for Kids to focus upon the needs of schools in the Greater Kansas City Area and to develop a process to effectively mobilize the community.

4 Step Process 2020

Caring for Kids’ Four-Step Process

The Caring for Kids process helps develop mutually reinforcing activities to accomplish common goals. The unique needs of the school determine the community resources and volunteers required for each initiative.

Step 1 – Engage
Step 2 – Connect
Step 3 – Empower
Step 4 – Coach

We are there to help you every step of the way! Contact us today with questions or to begin the process!

Businesses, Civic Groups & Nonprofits

Businesses Serving The Community

Caring for Kids provides an easy way for a business, civic organization, or nonprofit to serve the community. You do not have to figure it out. Caring for Kids has a proven process to connect your organization with the needs of a school. There are many levels of engagement: mentors for students, funding for resources and special events, field trips, professional services, staff encouragement, and more. Your impact will be collectively greater as you serve the school with other community partners. We all want children to be successful in life. When children have hope and succeed, there is a positive impact on their lives, their families and their communities.

“Caring for Kids allows us to join in the care and encouragement of the ‘next generation’ in an organized and manageable way. We get to rise above our day-to-day operations and do something that makes a huge difference in the lives of children. It’s also a way we can bond with the people we work with. I don’t know who gets the most out of it, us or the kids.”

Glen Posladek, President, A.B. May, Inc.


Helping Children Succeed


Churches Serving Schools
Caring for Kids provides a proven process for churches to serve schools, connect with kids and collaborate with other community partners to meet real needs. The Caring for Kids team facilitates the connection process with the school district and with other church, business and civic partners. The volunteers are inspired, trained and equipped to serve outside the walls of the church.

There are many levels of engagement: mentoring/reading to students, providing clothing closets onsite, helping with facility projects like painting and landscaping, assisting teachers in the classroom, providing needed classroom supplies, encouraging teachers and more. Caring for Kids is ready to serve your church with easy steps to meaningfully engage in their community to make a real difference. We will also equip your staff and congregation with practical tools for a successful, sustainable school partnership.

“I had been trying for a couple of years to connect with a school. It wasn’t until Caring for Kids came along that we had opportunity to sit down not only with the school but other partners at the Roundtable to talk about how we could help. It was not just our church anymore trying to serve. We now partner with other churches to mobilize our volunteers to serve side-by-side. It has been such a blessing.”

Becca Andersen, Connections Pastor, Vineyard Community Church