The principal of nearly every school supported by Caring for Kids partnerships made staff appreciation and support one of their key goals this past year. Administrators and partners alike wish to acknowledge the importance of the work of school staff as they not only educate and encourage students but help them address social/emotional issues and trauma they may be facing – factors that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, home and food insecurity, and other social/economic considerations.

A National Education Association (NEA) survey released earlier this year stated that 55 percent of educators are thinking about leaving the profession earlier than planned, citing strain from filling in for colleagues due to staffing shortages and budget cuts that have occurred during the pandemic.

Now has become a critical time to shower teachers, support staff, and school adminstrators with support and gratitude for all they are doing as they make an impact upon the lives of students and their families. Thank you to the many community partners who have taken time to write notes of appreciation, translate at Parent-Teacher Conferences, help with Professional Development trainings, renovate lounges, and provide treats and meals to school staff. The community plays an important role in boosting morale and letting school personnel know how much they are appreciated.

Photos: Ceslie Reeves with New Direction Church and Tracy Gibson with Ann B. Realty presented staff gifts and raffle items to Principal Monica Randle at Eugene Ware Elementary; partners collaborated to renovate the staff lounge at Gladstone Elementary; Minding the Gap with staff treats for Warford Elementary; and A.L. Huber Construction brought in Betty Rae’s ice cream for staff and students at Center Academy for Success.