Working tirelessly to find leaders and partners in the community to be advocates and mentors for the children of New Chelsea Elementary, Charlesetta Jackson, Family School Liaison and CFK Liaison, was named this year’s School Leadership Impact Award recipient.

Principal Canise Salinas-Willich points out that Ms. Jackson seeks “individuals and groups from all over the KCK area to help provide New Chelsea with everything from school supplies to donating food, clothing, even their personal time and/or talents outside of the school day. Ms. Jackson NEVER stops working.” One of the school’s community partners, Barbara Bailey at Blessed Sacrament, agrees, stating, “Ms. Jackson is always about bringing together the students, parents, administration and the community for all to assist each other with the needs of the total people.”

Ms. Jackson commented on how willing New Chelsea’s partners have been throughout the pandemic to help the school meet its goals and to help support families: “They have provided food, hygiene products, gift cards, hams and turkeys. We have had a number of things donated to help our families stay afloat through the pandemic.”

Ms. Salinas-Willich also observed that “Ms. Jackson praises our students everywhere she goes, which in turn draws many in as they want to be a part of something not only good, but GREAT! I can truly say Ms. Jackson makes a difference in our kids’ lives each and every day. The relationships she has built and continues to form are priceless. Our parents appreciate everything she has done and the teachers think she performs magic!”

In accepting her award, Ms. Jackson explained with a smile, “Since I don’t have any children of my own, my motto is to always try and help make the life of someone else’s child better. I might not be able to speak all of the same languages, but I have at least over 500 children through New Chelsea.”