Reaching Out to Restore Hope

Picture a mother walking into her children’s new school for the first time to enroll her four children, overwhelmed by her recent move. The children’s father has been deployed, and she has no support for her or her kids. Visibly upset, she explains to the principal that her laundry is piled up, she needs help hooking up her washer and dryer, and she doesn’t know how to put the kids’ beds together. She has fallen on hard times and has just started a new job.

This situation occurred recently at Broken Arrow Elementary. Principal Mike Brewer reached out to his Caring for Kids partners, explaining the immediate needs at hand. That very day, a partner at Community Life Church reached out to the mother by phone – listening, encouraging and even praying for her. Imagine her relief when people from her community showed up at her door, connected her washer and dryer, set up her kids’ beds, and brought them dinner.

“It is awesome to have a network of support that can be called upon in times of need,” remarked Principal Brewer. “I felt so blessed to be able to offer words of hope to this mother. Last night, I shared how this story played out with my wife, and she and I gave thanks to God for you all.”

This is what Caring for Kids is all about!