“Pastor Steve has been a constant source of joy and support for our school community for the past 7 years,” said Truman Elementary Principal Sue Herrera. Pastor Williams’ dedication and giftedness in mobilizing St. Luke’s United Methodist Church to assist the staff, students, parents, and principal factored into his being named the Faith Impact Award recipient.

Projects St. Luke’s UMC has assisted with include after-school clubs, Day One celebrations, student mentoring, writing personal notes to every child, attendance incentives, a staff Zen Den, and family assistance. “He personally has taken time to mentor over a dozen students; while mentoring he provides a listening ear, encouragement, math help, and an occasional science experiment,” Ms. Herrera said. “Pastor Steve has helped Truman achieve the mission of ‘bridging the gap between the school and community’ by becoming a constant, consistent partner at the table. Pastor Steve brings happiness and hope every time we see him! We are better collectively and individually because of his presence.”

“Faith means to trust God to create the connections, to fill in the gaps and to lead you into places where you are most needed,” said Pastor Williams. “Whether it is mentoring a child, supporting the teachers, or sitting with a staff member who has just lost a family member. To trust God to lead you where you are supposed to be and do what you are supposed to be doing.”

Fellow partner at Truman, Pastor Cassandra Wainright from Concerned Clergy Coalition, noted, “Not only does Pastor Steve lead his congregation in the Caring for Kids efforts at Truman Elementary School but he also leads us in efforts to prevent violence in south Kansas City and beyond. As President of the Hickman Mills Community Alliance, he gives tirelessly of himself in efforts that promote the health, safety and well-being of children (and their families) in South KC. Pastor Steve possesses a servant’s heart. He never seeks recognition, honor or praise. He simply sees a need in our schools and communities and leads others to meet the need while participating and serving himself.”