Making Truman and Symington Elementary Schools Shine Again

Nearly 200 volunteers gathered at Truman and Symington Elementary Schools Saturday, July 23, to provide a beautiful makeover! Children’s faces will light up when they begin school and see the colorful flowers and plants that now grace the entrance at Symington, and the bright, freshly painted walls of their classrooms at Truman. The children and families of these schools will know that the community of Hickman Mills and beyond loves and cares for them, providing a welcoming environment for them to begin their new school year.

Thank you to the many volunteers who made these two well-deserved schools SHINE again. This year’s Project Shine was a collaboration of 10 churches; five businesses; staff, friends, and family at both schools; Hickman Mills School District personnel and Board members; and staff and family of Caring for Kids. Projects such as these truly exemplify that we are better together.