Learning, Training and Teamwork for 5th Graders

The annual A.B. May Training Academy welcomed nearly 100 fifth grade students from Eastwood Hills Elementary to attend a day of learning, training, and teamwork. The students were split into groups and rotated between four stations: Nutrition, Values, Training Lab, and Customer Service.

At the Nutrition and Well-Being station, they learned about the benefits of healthy eating, reading a food label, calories, energy foods, and what to look for when buying food. At the Values station, they not only learned about the values of A.B. May, but of their own values. It challenged them to think about what mattered most to them in life and in their relationships. During their time in the Training Lab, they gained hands-on experience in dealing with common household maintenance issues, like plunging a sink and changing a furnace filter. At the Customer Service station, they learned how to speak politely and professionally on the phone. Ariana, a fifth-grader, said she “learned that others can hear me smiling through the phone.” They also learned how to be safe when answering their phones at home. Shellie, the Customer Service Manager, led them through real-life examples and taught them what to say when they receive a phone call from a stranger.

“Through the A.B. May Training Academy,” said Maria Marsh, Marketing Coordinator, “we want these students to gain confidence in themselves and in their future.”