John Diemer Elementary School’s community partners have supported the school in amazing ways this year. Shana Parker, social worker, explains how their school’s needs have been met throughout the Covid crisis:

“This year when we went to remote learning, the John Diemer Elementary Caring for Kids team did not forget about our school.  In fact, the amount of support was amazing. They didn’t just ask questions of how they can support; they just stepped in. 

“John Diemer Elementary School is served by Christ Church Mission, DAR (Daughters of American Revolution), Lutheran Church of Resurrection and PTA organization. Each organization played a big part in getting every child back to school with school supplies. Christ Church answered the call for another year of stuffed backpacks of all the school supplies. The Lutheran Church of Resurrection said, ‘What do you need most?’ When we replied with headphones, they just showed up in the office. PTA realized that the school year was cut short and no child should end the year without a yearbook due to lack of funds. Once we were ready for the students to be coming back and noticed the biggest obstacle was the stressed and worn out teachers, they helped out with them as well.  From surprising the teachers with boxed lunches and Diemer Dream cart full of snacks, we are truly grateful to have such an abundance of support from our Caring for Kids team. 

“This is all done above and beyond the family support that they give with grocery gift cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is never a moment if we thought we were in need of something that we couldn’t ask, because they always respond. What a great partnership!”