“It’s so important to show up in the life of a kid,” noted Jen Abercrombie as she accepted the Business Impact Award. “Kids are kids. They still need to be safe and need to know they are loved. As a CFK partner, we’re able to let them know there are people out there who care about them. Knowing that you are able to make the difference in the life of a child – that may be what they need to help them thrive and be the best kid that they can be – is the most rewarding.”

Ms. Abercrombie first began serving Westridge Elementary through Connection Point Church and now serves through her business, Jennifer Abercrombie Consulting.  Westridge Principal Matt Jones commented, “She always ensured Caring for Kids stayed her responsibility. In addition to consistency, as a leader Jen has helped reach numerous goals. I don’t think she has ever told me no. She guides us as a team to go above and beyond requests, pushing ideas to grow bigger and better. From deliveries of pumpkins, after-school clubs, to videos for teachers, she always pushes to grow and fulfill our yearly goals.”

Ms. Abercrombie commented on the relationships built through serving. “I’m able to build relationships with school administrators. I consider them friends.” Mr. Jones agrees: “She truly is a member of our family. We know about each other’s kids, life goals, personal stories. She doesn’t just care for Westridge, but truly cares for all. It is difficult to imagine our Caring for Kids team without her. Jen Abercrombie is the partner we all wish to have in Caring for Kids.”