It Really Does Take a Village – Stories from KCK

Caruthers Elementary

Below is a note Partnership Director, Raquel Lara, received from Principal Molly Struzzo of Caruthers Elementary in Kansas City, Kansas. Caruthers is one of the schools connected with collaborative community partners through Caring for Kids.

We can’t do it alone – it truly takes a village. Caruthers children are faced with a myriad of challenges. We at Caruthers have been blessed to have wonderful support from St. Peter’s CME, Destiny Bible and Bread of Life. They pulled together to support us with a true village approach as 160 children left Caruthers with beaming smiles from ear to ear and gifts from angels. Thank you for joining our village! Thank you for generously filling the hearts of Caruthers students.


Molly Struzzo

Principal – Caruthers Elementary

Lindbergh Elementary

Pastor Don Lewis shared that Cross Points Church adopted 30 families for Christmas that were identified by Lindbergh Elementary to be in need and raised approximately $4,000 to purchase gifts.

Shortly before the project’s deadline, they learned of two additional families in great need – a father and child living out of their car and a family with four daughters with no beds. He spoke to the Shawnee Fire Department where he serves as chaplain and they quickly agreed to meet the needs of these families. They have found temporary housing for the family of two and are working on a more permanent housing solution for the future. The girls received two bunk beds, a single bed and a trundle bed with bedding for all.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in such a short period of time when hearts are willing and all come together to bless the needs of others.