Innovative Way To Engage Volunteers at School

Often partnerships have people who wish to engage with students during the workday, but they can’t get away from work during school hours. Thinking outside the box, A.B. May developed a plan that allows their staff to get to know a classroom of students while helping them with their writing skills and cursive handwriting skills.

Becky Arrocha, Accounts Payable Specialist and Eastwood Hills Volunteer Coordinator at A.B. May, explains their RayPals mailbox project: “We have a lot of technicians and customer service staff who can’t get over to the school, but we still want them to be able to make a meaningful connection with these kids. They write letters twice a month to the 4th graders that are learning cursive and letter writing skills. We have the coolest mailbox in our lobby where our RayPals will get their return letters from their student.”