Hats Off to our Community Partners!

When Eastwood Hills Elementary in Raytown recently asked for gloves and hats for its 400 students, business partner A.B. May quickly committed to providing the gloves if co-partner Graceway Church could provide the hats.

The following weekend, Graceway Pastor Ron Haley was approached by a congregant, Natasha. She shared that she was turning 50 years old, and wished to make a contribution of 50 items to someone. She felt led to make 50 hats!

Natasha made 50 but didn’t stop there; 50 quickly doubled to 100. A Muslim friend of hers also started making hats. When she talked to Pastor Ron, they had already made over 200 hats, not knowing where they would be used. Natasha has now recruited more ladies to complete hats for all 400 children. They are praying over each and every hat the children will receive.

With Natasha’s step of faith, God used her “one small thing” to show His love to every child at Eastwood Hills. As a result of these steps of faith, the hats and gloves were given to the kids at Eastwood Hills on December 19.