Several students were honored at the Heart of a Champion Gala for their submissions in essay writing, poetry, and artwork, regarding their Big Dreams for the future. School staff at all Caring for Kids partnerships were invited to have their students participate in the Dream Big Contest. Thank you to all who entered submissions and congratulations to the three winners in each category, as well as two Honorable Mention award winners.

Fatou Bintou Seydi, Indian Creek Elementary, received the Dream Big Essay Award. In her essay she stated, “Since I was four, my dream job has been to become a doctor. I have nurtured my dream all this time by reading books about how doctors help people and about medicine…. When Covid hit, my dream became bigger because I have seen a lot of suffering and death. It makes me sad and connected to my big dream undoubtedly. I started thinking about how my big dream can impact the community who cares about me. People in the community can come to me and I will listen to their problems.” (See below for the complete essay.)

Tilly B. Davis, Westridge Elementary, was honored with the Poetry Award. Tilly also submitted a sculpture she created to accompany her poem about the need for equality. An excerpt from “My Dream” (see below for poem in its entirety) reads:

“People all around the world

Fight for their rights

How can the world possibly be right?!

Without people like me.

People who aren’t afraid!

People like me.

I WILL help this city”

Many students entered the Artwork division. Duab Thao, John F. Kennedy Elementary, received top honors for her drawing illustrating her desire to be an art teacher. “I like to see kids enjoying their art and inspired by my art,” she said. Honorable Mentions were awarded to Clay Acton, Westridge Elementary, for his drawing that shows his desire to pursue art, and to Aylin Menjivar-Lopez, Indian Creek Elementary, who wishes to become a veterinarian to help animals.

Thank you to school staff and the caring community that comes alongside schools to help these and all students achieve their Big Dream!

Dreaming Big By Fatou Bintou Seydi
My Dream By Tilly B. Davis
Dream Big 5
Left to right: Tilly B. Davis’ sculpture accompanies her poem about her dream for equality; Clay Acton’s submission depicts his artistry; Aylin Menjivar-Lopez draws her dream to be a veterinarian; and Duab Thao shows her desire to become an art teacher.