Truman Caring for Kids volunteers have been assisting with after-school clubs since the spring of 2018.  Both the volunteers and students enjoy the clubs’ structure. It provides an opportunity for a volunteer to commit to helping Truman students for a time-limited activity when they do not feel they can mentor a student every week.

Partners have facilitated a Video Club where the students create their own video, and they hosted Wonders of Math and Science Club where the  students make rockets, study rocks and figure math odds and percentage. They also have led a book club that reads a book, does a craft project and has refreshments that reflect the theme. Other experiences include a Board Game Club, a Poetry Café, and a previous Book Club led by the librarian.

Sessions last 6 to 8 weeks. Groups are now limited to 10 students. Seven groups were held in the fall, and five are scheduled this spring (two led by CFK volunteers and three by staff).

Principal Sue Herrera values the clubs and the chance students have to interact with the CFK partners. She noted, “The clubs provide enrichment opportunities that expand the students’ knowledge and opportunities they might not otherwise have. The staff appreciates the extra hands the volunteers provide.” Students and parents know that the after-school clubs are special and it is a privilege to be a part of this activity.

Pastor Steve Williams, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, said, “I really enjoy the creativity of the children in the Video/Movie Making Club.” This will be his third session of leading this club. The video the group made in the fall will be shown to the new club members.

Pastor Alan Zahniser, Bannister Ridge Community of Christ, said that volunteering at Truman has been one of his most meaningful and rewarding experiences. He has facilitated a homework help group.