Community Partners Renovate Staff Lounge

The Broken Arrow Caring for Kids community partners in Shawnee, Kansas, did an amazing job of renovating the school’s teachers’ lounge over the winter break. Principal Mike Brewer said, “The teachers were surprised, amazed, and very thankful to have a space where they can collaborate and enjoy their lunch.” The school’s partners purchased a new stainless steel refrigerator, built a new countertop for the microwaves and installed new tables and chairs in the room. The team also repainted the entire lounge.

“The room went from feeling like a classroom to feeling like a place where teachers could truly relax and enjoy a little down time,” noted Principal Brewer. “What a cool way to honor staff for the great work they do for children. This project was very inspiring and created a great deal of encouragement to the entire Broken Arrow Team. The Broken Arrow Caring for Kids Team is a wonderful blessing to our school.”