It’s amazing what a few simple acts of kindness can do to help kids.

Caring for Kids Network (CFKN) exists to help create connections that deliver acts of kindness to students in the Center School District. They have helped Center build relationships with 56 business, faith-based, and other community organizations. Each group agrees to support one or more schools. They meet regularly with the building Principal to understand the goals and needs of each school, and then provide support for those needs. The support is often in the form of simple, but powerful, acts of kindness for the teachers and students in the building.

An example of one of our wonderful partnerships is Center Academy for Success (CAS) and A.L. Huber.  Jason Schram, our primary liaison with A.L. Huber, got involved with CFKN in 2018 as a result of a conversation at a networking event sponsored by the South KC Chamber of Commerce. He had been looking for an opportunity to work with a school partner, with a focus on finding a partnership that was more than just a one-time activity. He was looking for a long-term relationship with the staff and students in a particular building. The CFKN model fit that desire perfectly and Jason was introduced to CAS Principal Matt Woolf. 

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