Noted for her exceptional communication, organizational, and motivational skills, Caylee Charlton Edwards, Gladstone Elementary Counselor and School Liaison, was named this year’s recipient of the School Leadership Impact Award.

“Working with the community partners has been one of my favorite experiences in my position,” Mrs. Edwards said. “It’s great to have the opportunity to work with so many people who care about the kids in the community, and you can do so much more with all the support of people outside of the school.”

Pastor Paul Johnson, Church of Gladstone – H.E.L.P.S., said, “Caylee not only has been a great liaison in representing Gladstone Elementary but has been such a joy in working directly with the community partners.” He discussed several of the recent projects she helped coordinate, including Fall Fest to provide warm winter clothing and food for students and families in need; 6th Grade graduation; and a teacher recognition where partners provided greeting cards, coffee cups, and gift cards. To give the teacher’s lounge some TLC, partners provided a microwave, small fridge, inspirational wall hangings, new curtains and tablecloths, board games, and snacks for the teachers to enjoy.

Pastor Johnson added, “She always personally acknowledges all the attendees at each meeting and usually begins each meeting by asking all the attendees if we have anything exciting to share with the group before she starts with the agenda of the day. I think Caylee is very deserving of this special recognition because she is certainly contributing to a better school environment for both the Gladstone Elementary students and teachers.”