Meeting the needs of Center Alternative School’s staff and students since 2018, Jason Schram, Estimating & Preconstruction Manager at A.L. Huber General Contractor, is the 2021 Business Impact Award recipient.

“Jason has done a FANTASTIC job of showing our teachers and staff appreciation,” said Matt Woolf, Center Alternative School Principal. “Each month, Jason delivers some kind of breakfast or treat to our staff. We’ve had breakfast burritos, donuts, pastries, buffets, you name it! They provided a meal each day of Teacher Appreciation Week and even gifted each teacher with a gift card. The efforts of Jason and the A.L. Huber team have done nothing but lift us up and bring our staff closer together.”

A.L. Huber also has worked on collaborative projects with other CAS partners, such as clothing closet donations and cards of encouragement and affirmation to every student during virtual learning. Mr. Schram remarked on the greater impact made by serving collaboratively around the table or Zoom call: “You get these different perspectives coming to the table and throwing out of ideas, suggestions, and questions.”

At Christmas in 2019, about 15 A.L. Huber employees, including their President, came at lunch time to provide every student with an Insomnia cookie, root beer float, and a gift card. “They hung out at the lunch tables, conversed with our students and staff, and provided us with an uplifting experience,” said Mr. Woolf.

Mr. Schram commented, “One of the things our employees really enjoy about our partnership with CAS is that we have this opportunity over a lengthy period of time to see the impact we have and to build a relationship with Principal Woolf and others at the school. You get to build a relationship over the long term; you get to see student success.”

He added that A.L. Huber has a bit of a unique perspective in serving CAS students. “We have a graduate of Center Alternative on staff who can portray a success story to students – about how they have succeeded in life and in their career. Students can see the possibilities for their future and have that hope.”