Three 5-week sessions of after-school clubs have been offered to Rushton Elementary’s 2nd to 6th grade students, with 115 students currently participating. Christ Church has 19 volunteers facilitating the five clubs, which focus upon cooking, music, basketball, crochet, and table top games.

Img 2487“The success has been due to the commitment of the volunteers and the support of Christ Church, donating their time, talent, supplies and resources,” said Cathy Lorino, Rushton social worker. “To celebrate at the end of the semester, we have invited parents to come observe a performance, taste the kids’ creations, and to play a little parent-kid basketball. The kids absolutely love and look forward to after-school clubs. As soon as they end they are asking when they will begin again.”

A parent of one of the participating students shared: “My husband and I were discussing how much better our son has gotten about trying and actually liking new foods this year. Part of it might just be getting older, but I think his exposure to cooking club has given him (and me!) more confidence in him being involved in the kitchen. He’s started planning and cooking dinner every Friday (with help of course) and I think now that he is more aware of how his food comes to be, he’s not as intimidated to try things. He knows the work it takes to cook so he’s more appreciative of what I make!”