Tamara Sandage, principal at Yellowjacket Early Learning Center in Center School District, shows her appreciation for the way 7-Eleven has supported her staff as well as Boone Elementary’s staff this school year:

“I have just walked back from getting my complementary fountain drink from 7-11 and I realized I must give a huge shout out to David Price at the corporate level of 7-11 and to Eric and Stacey Alleman, business owners at our local 7-11.

“The Yellowjacket Early Learning Center partnership with 7-11 is new this year, but generosity is already a wonderful trait we are experiencing with our new friends at 7-11.

“I am enjoying my fountain drink right now because 7-11 has been and is still providing a complimentary fountain drink, Slurpee or coffee to out Boone and YELC staff on Fridays in October, November and December.  All staff members have to do is show their district badge and get to enjoy one of these beverages.  In such a busy, weird, crazy Covid school year, this has been a wonderful gift for our staff.

“David Price and 7-11 have also provided coupons books for Boone and YELC staff that can be used for staff members to get a free hotdog, slice of pizza, fountain drink, Slurpee or coffee at different times.

“As we move through the year, David has also offered to help us support reading at YELC.  Soon, we will be giving Slurpee coupons to children for their reading logs completed at home.  We have always celebrated home reading and we look forward to doing even more through the support of David and 7-11.”