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We are not bringing a new program or initiative to the schools. The educators are the experts in educating children, not us. Our expertise is found in our process and training which connects great partners in the community to the schools. Together they will create a unique plan that answers this question and serves the school’s goals for success.

We currently serve eight school districts: Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; Olathe; Shawnee Mission; Raytown; Hickman Mills; Center; and Grandview. Each district is unique in student composition and structure. The Caring for Kids team meets with the School District Administration to discover how we can best serve that unique district most effectively through partnerships with churches and businesses. We work out the plan with the district and then begin the partnership connection and equipping process for the first phase of district targeted schools for partnership.

We can help school districts increase their community partnerships and the impact of those partnerships in the schools. Schools may contact the Executive Director, Nancy Mitchell, and call 816-875-0252 for information on how to connect with the Caring for Kids team.

Kansas City Superintendents Speak Out About Caring for Kids

Superintendents from many of the districts partnered with Caring for Kids reveal the impact being made in their schools by the caring community partnerships that have developed in the past few years.

Caring for Kids’ Four-Step Process:

The Caring for Kids school partnerships are facilitated through a simple four-step process. The process provides the framework to bring the unique needs of the school and the resources of the partners together to help the school and students achieve their goals. Our team is available to help every step of the process.

  • Step 1 - Preparation

    We begin by asking the school district leadership how community partners can help schools achieve their goals. The superintendent and leadership team identify schools needing partners and existing programs. The Caring for Kids team plans envisioning events to engage potential church, business and civic partners with the schools identified by the district. We create a unique menu of district initiatives to share with potential partners. Our team also meets with the principals of the schools desiring partners.

  • Step 2 - Roundtable Connection Event

    The Roundtable Connection Event brings all partners together with the principals to get to know each other and identify the school's top needs. It all begins with the question, "How can we help?" This event sets the stage for ongoing collaboration throughout the year.

  • Step 3 - Implementation of Action Plan

    Once the needs are identified, a simple action plan is created to bring partner resources to help meet needs. Implementation of the plan connects partners to existing district programs and also allows for innovative ideas to meet needs with partner resources. Partners meet with the principal and each other four times annually to monitor progress and build relationships.

  • Step 4 - Sustainability

    Our goal is to build truly sustainable, transformative partnerships that will be impactful long-term. When partners work together, it accelerates the impact. Ongoing feedback, evaluation and celebration are all part of sustainable partnerships. Caring for Kids offers tools, ongoing coaching and special events to make this happen.

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