Staff Support — Donors Choose:  United Believers Community Church funded $1,500 worth of Donors Choose for teachers/school. Pastor Darron LeMonte Edwards presented staff with gift cards to purchase classroom supplies.

Staff Appreciation: During Parent-Teacher Conferences, Caring for Kids partners provided an assortment of desserts, drinks, and paperware. Partners stayed and served staff as a way of building relationships. United Believers also provided a breakfast for staff prior to the beginning of the school year.

Increase Student Attendance: Caring for Kids partners donate items to the school store as incentives to increase time attendance. Small donated items include pencils, skateboards, cars, Lego men, and other Dollar Store items. United Believers donated $500 toward supplies as well.

“The support that Ingels students and staff receive from our partners is unbelievable. They are available anytime we have a need and are constantly giving in so many ways. I do not have words to express the strong commitment they have made to partner with us for our kids,” said Ingels Principal Connie Moore.